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Hello Friends from ULI Urban Marketplace 2014!

Thanks for participating in our ULI Urban Marketplace roundtable "Reach Out. Get in Front. Get it Awesome Co-Moderating Dynamic Duo Built - Community Outreach for Better Projects". BIG THANKS to my co-moderator Alicia Bartley for tag teaming this topic with me and to ULI Los Angeles for having us.

As promised, here is your "Road Map to Working with Community Organizations", I hope it serves you well as a reminder on how to navigate your way through proactive community outreach in a way that saves you time, trouble and resources in the long run!

Hopefully some of these tips for what to expect can make it a little less unpredictable.

Here are some of the case studies we covered:

Strategic Communications Program for a New Ralphs Fresh Fare Grocery Store

Our Key Message: Let's talk about height, two cereal boxes folks!Support Building Campaign for Mixed Use in Sherman Oaks

Buckle up on the Road to Approval

Community Outreach for the LAX Master Plan

After 20 years of dialogue the LAX Specific Plan Moves ForwardCommunity Outreach for the Port of Los Angeles' San Pedro Waterfront Plan

Early Community Engagement with Five Neighborhood Councils!

If you'd like to stay connected, you can find me on Linked In and feel free to send me any questions or comments here or in the comments section below.

Good luck!

Andrea Campbell