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Money Squared

Square payments now acceptedI don’t know about you, but I am attached to my money. It’s all hard-earned and so when I spend it, I like to track where it goes. That’s usually pretty easy for me to do. You see, I’ve developed quite a system to track my receipts. It involves lots of envelopes, and an extravagant filing system that would impress all of my self-diagnosed obsessive compulsive friends.

That system took a beating last week. That’s because the woman who cuts my hair is now only taking payments on her cell phone, using a tool called Square, a credit-card reader that plugs into smartphones through the headphone jack. "Fast Company" recently named Square #5 on its annual list of Most Innovative Companies. In a short time this company has radically transformed the method by which we exchange money, and it is considered the fastest growing startup in history.

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