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Do Angelenos know their food policy?

If you’re an Angeleno like me, you know we celebrate good food. But does Los Angeles celebrate good food practices?

I think it’s safe to say that we all love good food. We all have a favorite dish that we turn to when we’re looking for comfort, and we know that it “hits the spot”– whether it be a tiny serving of chocolate lava cake, all you can eat Korean BBQ or a simple peanut butter jelly sandwich. We enjoy the individual ingredients used to create the beautiful creation that is the entrée. But we often don’t think about where that food comes from… Or the working conditions that the agricultural industry has to experience to bring these ingredients to the market. We hardly wonder if these workers are being treated properly. We usually don’t stop to think if our neighbors down the street have the same access to healthy food choices that we might be enjoying. Thinking of all these questions could provide you some food for thought—enough to divert your appetite someplace else other than to your plate.

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