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Want to Support Local Businesses? Join the Mob

We now live in a digital discount-obsessed world. We all love a good deal. So naturally, when I first heard of Groupon and Living Social, I was hooked. Half-off coupons for my favorite local restaurants and shops?! Yes, please. And many small businesses turn to these discount sites to optimize their exposure by marketing themselves to people like me, who enthusiastically check their Groupon and Living Social e-mails daily. Why not? Their business is highlighted via e-mail to thousands of subscribers, the deal seekers eagerly press, “Buy!” and voilà! The discount-obsessed score their deal. The local business receives, well, local business. All should be happy and satisfied, one can assume. Scary Stories (about Groupon) If only it were this simple. I started to hear horror stories about small businesses that used these discount deals as a way to promote their business, only left to find devastating results.

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