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Consensus Inc.'s Next Move: Maker City LA

The Reef formerly known as the LA MartConsensus Inc. is leaving the Financial District after many years of calling it home and moving its roots onto Broadway and into downtown LA's newest creative space at The Reef. We could go on and on as to why but we'll let the buzz on web about this special new place speak for itself.


Respect and Confidence


From Day 1 Coro has emphasized the importance of embracing ambiguity. After six months, I still find myself embracing ambiguity. Coro is a nine month, graduate-level experiential leadership program with six placements in different sectors.

My final placement was in the public communications sector, last week.  It was no surprise that our trainer did not notify us about our public communications placement until the day before (the whole embracing ambiguity thing is no joke). When I finally received the email with my placement information, I went on Google.

On the Consensus Inc. website, I read the firm focused on community outreach and public relations work. I was ecstatic! I assumed that only entertainment companies hired outside PR firms and that all other industries used internal staff. I was wrong.

Consensus is hired by public and private entities to work on construction, transportation, energy and real estate projects.

On my first day, I was briefed on a project before driving out to San Pedro to attend a luncheon hosted by one of the firm’s clients. The rest of the afternoon consisted of staff meetings and social media work. Everyone at Consensus is passionate and deeply invested in his or her assigned projects. The firm deeply believes in creating innovative ideas for their client and their office oozes innovation, from their funky stools to their massage chair in the break room. Consensus was ranked among the top ten privately owned public relations firm in Los Angeles and there is no doubt in my mind that it will continue to flourish. My biggest takeaway from my time at Consensus is the importance of respect and confidence not just as a firm but more importantly as an individual.


This blog was written by Jacqueline Navarro who was our Coro Fellow for a week.  Jacqueline graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a double major in Legal Studies and Social Welfare.  She is from Northridge.