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ConsensusLive- Just for Fun, Election Poll!

The Consensus Team took a brief election poll to gauge how our office would potentially vote this coming Tuesday in the runoff election for Mayor, City Attorney, Controller and various Council races. These are not endorsements, simply a quick sampling to compare to the many polls we see posted in various local news outlets.

Mayoral Race

Wendy Greuel is taking the edge in our office, but it is close! Just over 52%, which in campaign terms is a win, but we have a much smaller sampling than the approximately 1.8 million registered voters in LA!

Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel

(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

City Attorney Race

This race has a clearer winner inside our office! Mike Feuer wins handedly amongst the voters in our office, by almost 70%.

Mike Feuer
(Mel Melcon, Los Angeles Times / April 18, 2013)

Controllers Race

The Controller's Race was a roller coaster. Early responses showed Councilmember Zine as the favorite, but in a last minute turn Ron Galperin wins the seat with almost 60% of our samplings support.

(from EagleRockPatch)

Council District 1

Chief of Staff Jose Gardea or a State Representative found in Gil Cedillo? Our small sampling says it looks as though Gil wins! Some polls do show they skipped this question since they do not live in the district, so our small sampling got smaller.

Council District 9

Another race where there is a State Rep running, Curren Price, against a Councilmembers’ staffer, Ana Cubas?  What does the Consensus poll say the result is??? Ana Cubas with 70% of our respondents!


Council District 13

Replacing Councilmember Garcetti after a very contentious mayoral race definitely adds a little more of a spotlight on this race. That added focus can be seen in media with stories of ethics violations and voter intimidation being accused by both sides.  Mitch O’Farrell or John Choi? Our poll says John Choi pulls out a very narrow victory.
 L.A. City Council candidates John Choi and Mitch O'Farrell greet each other
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times / May 5, 2013)

Now for the fun part of every election, the Measures! We have all heard the amount of money candidates are pumping into their races. The mayoral race has mudslinging ads discussing DWP’s donations to a super PAC supporting Wendy Greuel. But in a race where we hear about every candidate’s faults and flaws, does anyone have any idea what the Measures are about!?!

Measure C- Limits to Campaign Spending and Rights of Corportations

This Measure seeks to limit campaign spending (interesting timing with an incredible amount dollars being spent on campaigns), and declares corporations should NOT have the same constitutional rights as human beings. So how did Consensus vote? Who needed Google? Almost 60% of our sampling polled need more information and did not weigh in. 20% polled voted no and 10% voted yes on Measure C. 

Measures D,E and F- Medical Marijuana

D, E and F, our Marijuana Measures. For years the City has been in flux with proposed laws looking to regulate medical marijuana clinics. Various laws have been proposed, supported and sued. Now we have the ability to vote on 3 similar but different Measure all looking to regulate medical marijuana. D and E are similar in their regulation proposals and a cap of 135 clinics, Measure F though is looking to allow clinics that have opened after 2007 to file for permits. Measure D is from the City Council and E garnered enough signatures, like F. Supporters of E, however, find Measure D as a closer compromise and some Measure E supporters have publicly supported Measure D. Not confusing at all, right? Our small poll shows that those who voted on these three Measures supported D the most, but almost everyone left this one undecided based on the lack of information given on each Measure.

In a runoff election that will help to change the face of Los Angeles, where incredible amounts of money has been spent on campaigns, no one is being given enough information on the Measures. That is probably the most interesting fact we learned from our small Consensus sampling.

Now we wait. Less than 1 more week to see how our polls match up against the votes!    


Friday Fives: 5 Things To Do

Despite the not-so-occasional visits from the gloomy skies and much needed rain showers, our natural Californian ways often have us finding ourselves soaking up the sun and and admiring the instagram-worthy palm trees. 

But where to go? We want your Spring 2013 to be eventful; we've got a few ideas for you:

1. National Train Day 2013

Image via Amtrak

An event hosted throughout the country, National Train Day features free activities for kids, tours on private luxury railcars, freight and commuter trains and numerous exhibits that show how trains connect America together. The sixth annual National Train Day will be hosted at the LA Union Station on Saturday, May 11 from 11am - 4 pm.

2. The Flower Fields at Carlsbad
Image via California Day Trips

If you haven't yet gone, a beautiful sight to see is The Flower Fields at Carlsbad. Last day to go this year is this Sunday - May 12th, so if you're nearby the San Diego area, try to take Mom out for a cute photo op in the flower fields.

3. Strawberry Picking 

Image via Citrusfrukt

As the weather gets warmer, the strawberries start tasting more delicious. Head on over to Tanaka Farms in Irvine between 9:30 am - 2:30 pm any weekend. Tours begin every 30 minutes. Plus you can take home 1lb of strawberries!

I'm no chef in the kitchen, but these strawberry recipes have got me thinking...

4. Free Yoga and Zumba Class at the Grove
Image via Athleta

On your next weekend trip to the grove, consider heading there an hour before stores open - Athleta hosts complimentary yoga and zumba classes for the community. No need to head over to the Nordstrom shoe section to self-validate your parking; Athleta will validate your ticket for attending their workout!

5. Silicon Beach Fest
Image via Silcon Beach Fest Facebook

The Silicon Beach Fest is a 4-day event featuring a board of LA's tech community leaders. This years speakers features experts from 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Storytech, Mattel, Amplify LA, VEVO and many more. See what's in store. Last November, Consensus Inc. went and met some great start up companies!



Friday Fives: 5 Things I've Learned Since Graduating from College

For many people, college is a time to move away from home, become independent young adults and learn as much as you can. Though it may sound cliché, college really was one of the highlights of my life thus far. I graduated from UC San Diego in the summer of 2011 and I cannot deny that my life now as a working professional is completely different from when I was a student. While in college, I couldn't help but feel sheltered from the real world. I created a bubble for myself in which my days revolved around going (or not going) to class, pulling all-nighters studying for finals, writing endless term papers and maintaining a diet primarily consisting of instant noodles. Now that I am two years out of college, here are the 5 things I've learned post-grad:


1. You actually have to pay back your student loans

I didn't grow up with the expectation of having my education paid for, but I did take out student loans (and plenty of them). When it was time to reapply for financial aid at the beginning of each school year, I would accept the maximum amounts offered to me and before I knew it, I found myself drowning in debt. Fast forward two years later, I'm making minimum payments every month across three loan providers, not to mention on top of accruing interest. Needless to say, I am a lot more responsible with my money nowadays.

Photo credit to Lazarus Financial Group Inc.


2. College is hard, but finding a job is even harder

Just because you have a degree, doesn't mean that a job will be handed to you on a silver platter. After graduation, it took me several months to find a job; several months of feeling a mixture of boredom, anxiety and defeat. I will say that I felt secure again once I became gainfully employed. I truly believe that with effort and persistence, the right opportunity will come along. 

Photo credit to Behind the Hustle


3. You may not end up in the field in which you earned your degree

I find that when some people do end up landing a job, it may not always be what they imagined themselves doing. I have friends who majored in heavy sciences, like biochemistry, and accepted jobs completely unrelated to their respective fields. Regardless, you can gain valuable experience in any job and you may find that your interests could change after your college experience. 


4. Remaining close to your friends takes effort

Being in a new environment means meeting new people and making new friends. When my friends and I graduated and left our college lives for good, I realized that it requires a whole-hearted effort to maintain those relationships. Now, I realize that the friends I have remained in touch with are the few quality friends I will retain for the rest of my life. 

Photo credit to Digital Spy


5. You may be back in school sooner than you imagined

For some people, undergrad may not be the end of their academic careers. Those who want to further pursue their education may go into grad school immediately or spend a few years working before committing to another rigorous program (I've decided to do the latter). Whatever you choose, it's safe to say that planning ahead is never a bad idea. I'm still undecided on what type of master's program I want to enter, but it's definitely on my mind (along with taking the GREs).

Photo credit to The College at Brockport


The LAX Modernization Debate in Council

Yesterday morning was a historic vote for the City of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles City Council voted to approve the Specific Plan Amendment Study, which will update and modernize the LAX airport.

We heard from different Councilmembers on their concerns, hopes and suggestions. Here is a brief recap of the 10-4 Council vote to support modernization and moving of the north runway-

Two of the most vocal opponents on the Council represent the same district, Council District 11, which includes LAX. Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and Councilmember-elect Mike Bonin both spoke passionately about their, and the surrounding communities, concerns.

(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times / April 30, 2013)

Councilmember, and City Controller candidate, Dennis Zine seconded the concerns from CD11 representatives and stakeholders and wondered why Ontario Airport is not more involved in the discussion.

Councilmember Alarcon agreed with Zine, but unlike Zine ultimately voted to support the approval of the LAX SPAS EIR and modernization. Before his vote though, Councilmember Alarcon did ask the Council that a study take place looking at regionalizing flights.

Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti was another vocal opponent to the LAX SPAS approval. Echoing Rosendahl, Garcetti stated "Los Angeles deserves a world class airport, but the nearby community needs a world class neighbor." 

Residents from the area gave standing ovations to Zine, Garcetti, Bonin and Rosendahl for their comments. The residents also shared loud boo's during staff's presentation and follow up questions.

Before the roll was taken and votes cast Councilmember Koretz voiced some pointed questions on construction timeline and the direct impacts on Lincoln Boulevard. Before voting to support the modernization Councilmember Koretz wanted to ensure all potential impacts were considered and properly addressed by LAWA representatives. 

At the end of what was a very complex and detailed vote Councilmember Tom LaBonge played the role of votes supporting modernization and Councilmember Rosendahl represented the votes against moving the north runway.

By the end of the voting, modernization won 10 yes votes to 4 no's.



Friday Fives- Top 5 Stand Offs in LA County

Sometimes its hard to get along. This week had quite a few instances of mixed opinions from residents, businesses, and city councils. Who's side are you on?

We wish all disagreements were this adorable!


CicLAvia: outstanding progress for bikers or headache for drivers? Depending on who you ask, CicLAvia was either a great success or a giant flop. Participants and supporters of the growing number of bikers throughout Los Angeles would gush about the event while many drivers, businesses and residents within the route area complained about the huge traffic impact they suffered on Sunday. 

ciclavia dtla Atwater Village Newbie law flickr pool.JPG
CicLAvia Sunday via Atwater Village Newbie / LA Weekly Flickr pool

Organizers are struggling to complete the roster for the Santa Monica Boulevard Business Improvement District (BID). They are just 10% shy of receiving the required number of business owner signatures to support a BID to help advocate for and market the popular boulevard. 

zpizza santa monica BID

(Photo by Jon Viscott)

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) has called for a ban on bonfire pits at many local beaches in both Los Angeles and Orange counties. On Tuesday, OC Supes formally opposed the ban and have asked for the organization to consider a more localized solution. 

 Fire rings
(Don Leach / Daily Pilot / April 23, 2013)

Leeeeeeeeeeet's get ready to rumble! Election time is nearing for City of Los Angeles residents. Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel have taken the gloves off and landed a few jabs, attacking each others ethics, integrity and true leadership abilities. May 1 will bring the final televised debate before the runoff election on May 21. Absentee voting is open to city residents now. 

Garcetti and Greuel meet in debate

 (Brian van der Brug, Los Angeles Times / April 22, 2013)