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ConsensusLive- Just for Fun, Election Poll!

The Consensus Team took a brief election poll to gauge how our office would potentially vote this coming Tuesday in the runoff election for Mayor, City Attorney, Controller and various Council races. These are not endorsements, simply a quick sampling to compare to the many polls we see posted in various local news outlets.

Mayoral Race

Wendy Greuel is taking the edge in our office, but it is close! Just over 52%, which in campaign terms is a win, but we have a much smaller sampling than the approximately 1.8 million registered voters in LA!

Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel

(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

City Attorney Race

This race has a clearer winner inside our office! Mike Feuer wins handedly amongst the voters in our office, by almost 70%.

Mike Feuer
(Mel Melcon, Los Angeles Times / April 18, 2013)

Controllers Race

The Controller's Race was a roller coaster. Early responses showed Councilmember Zine as the favorite, but in a last minute turn Ron Galperin wins the seat with almost 60% of our samplings support.

(from EagleRockPatch)

Council District 1

Chief of Staff Jose Gardea or a State Representative found in Gil Cedillo? Our small sampling says it looks as though Gil wins! Some polls do show they skipped this question since they do not live in the district, so our small sampling got smaller.

Council District 9

Another race where there is a State Rep running, Curren Price, against a Councilmembers’ staffer, Ana Cubas?  What does the Consensus poll say the result is??? Ana Cubas with 70% of our respondents!


Council District 13

Replacing Councilmember Garcetti after a very contentious mayoral race definitely adds a little more of a spotlight on this race. That added focus can be seen in media with stories of ethics violations and voter intimidation being accused by both sides.  Mitch O’Farrell or John Choi? Our poll says John Choi pulls out a very narrow victory.
 L.A. City Council candidates John Choi and Mitch O'Farrell greet each other
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times / May 5, 2013)

Now for the fun part of every election, the Measures! We have all heard the amount of money candidates are pumping into their races. The mayoral race has mudslinging ads discussing DWP’s donations to a super PAC supporting Wendy Greuel. But in a race where we hear about every candidate’s faults and flaws, does anyone have any idea what the Measures are about!?!

Measure C- Limits to Campaign Spending and Rights of Corportations

This Measure seeks to limit campaign spending (interesting timing with an incredible amount dollars being spent on campaigns), and declares corporations should NOT have the same constitutional rights as human beings. So how did Consensus vote? Who needed Google? Almost 60% of our sampling polled need more information and did not weigh in. 20% polled voted no and 10% voted yes on Measure C. 

Measures D,E and F- Medical Marijuana

D, E and F, our Marijuana Measures. For years the City has been in flux with proposed laws looking to regulate medical marijuana clinics. Various laws have been proposed, supported and sued. Now we have the ability to vote on 3 similar but different Measure all looking to regulate medical marijuana. D and E are similar in their regulation proposals and a cap of 135 clinics, Measure F though is looking to allow clinics that have opened after 2007 to file for permits. Measure D is from the City Council and E garnered enough signatures, like F. Supporters of E, however, find Measure D as a closer compromise and some Measure E supporters have publicly supported Measure D. Not confusing at all, right? Our small poll shows that those who voted on these three Measures supported D the most, but almost everyone left this one undecided based on the lack of information given on each Measure.

In a runoff election that will help to change the face of Los Angeles, where incredible amounts of money has been spent on campaigns, no one is being given enough information on the Measures. That is probably the most interesting fact we learned from our small Consensus sampling.

Now we wait. Less than 1 more week to see how our polls match up against the votes!    

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